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Tennis lessons

Where we play :

The lessons take place in the courts of TJ Tatran Střešovice  in Prague 6 (plan viz Galerie).

There are two clay courts in summer in Na Orechovce street. For the winter season we have our trening tennishall in Cukrovarnická street.


For Whom Are Our Courses :

Our tennis lessons are for players of all age groups and grades.

Most of the course participants are children and young people. That's why the organization of lessons goes with young people.

Joining the Lessons :

Basic Course Types :

Praparatory Courses

The lessons are for children in the age group 5 - 8 years olds, who have never played tennis before.

It is focused on all round developmentof moving and basic tennis lessons. The lessons are adapted to children there are elements of gymnastics, atletics, ball games and special tennis exercises.


Lessons for children and young people without tennis experience.

Focused on pradtice and traning of tennis strokes. Training of basic knowlidge of tactics and rules.


Lessons for children and adults, who have already gone through some tennis lessons.

Training is organized in smaller groups or you can demand individual lessons. We differentiate in these lessons according to the tennis future of the player. On one hand are the lessons nearly as difficult as the lessons for professionals players on the other hand you can improve strokes for your holiday games from the baseline.

Organization of the Tennis Year :

1. Autumn series September - October 7  weeks
2. Winter series November - April 20 weeks
3. Spring series May - June 10 weeks
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